Only Strasbourg Christmas Market Guide You Need (2023 Dates)

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The Strasbourg Christmas market is the holiday wonderland of your dreams. Each year, this city, known as the Capital of Christmas, becomes aglow with twinkling lights and dreamy chalets selling anything from local wines to artisan goods.

Visiting the Strasbourg Christmas markets is a 5-senses experience. Between the taste of spiced gingerbread, smells of vin chaud wafting through the air, lovely sounds of holiday music afoot, the feel of handcrafted nativity scenes, and the sights of the charming city full of tiny chalets, you’ll instantly be hooked.

And I mean the city is full of these markets! There are about 12 markets scattered around the city center, from Place Kleber to Petite France.

Strasbourg Cathedral Christmas Market

What also makes Strasbourg at Christmastime even more special is the fact that the Christmas market here dates back to 1570, making it the oldest market in France!

After visiting these markets, they quickly rose to the top of my favorite Christmas markets in Europe.

So to help you plan your own amazing Strasbourg, France Christmas market trip, I’ve got a whole guide for you!

Strasbourg France Things to do

Ultimate Strasbourg Christmas Market Guide

This Strasbourg winter market guide includes all you need to know including the best Christmas markets in Strasbourg, where to stay, other things to do, and other tips for the perfect visit!

Strasbourg Christmas Market Dates 2023

Strasbourg at night

The Strasbourg, France Christmas Market is scheduled from November 24-December 24, 2023.

It will be open every day during that time, and it does close prior to Christmas, so be sure to check out the Christmas markets in Strasbourg prior to that date!

Strasbourg Christmas Market Hours

Paper stars in Strasbourg

These are the Strasbourg Christmas Market opening hours for the 2023 Advent season.

On its opening day, November 24, 2023, it is open from 2-9 pm. Then, it is open every day from 11:30 am-9 pm. Lastly, on Christmas Eve, or December 24, 2023, it closes at 6 pm.

Strasbourg France Christmas Markets in 2023 to Visit

As I’ve said above, there are about 12 Strasbourg markets in and around the central part, or the Grande Ile, of the city. So let’s talk about each market, where it is located, and more!

Place Kleber Christmas Market

Place Kleber

Christmas Tree in Strasbourg

This is the largest Christmas market in Strasbourg with over 130+ stands selling locally made crafts and tons of local foods. You can get vin chaud here in either red or white, get local beers, and try all kinds of delicious foods including jams, cheeses, candies, pretzels, and more!

What is most striking about this market is the giant Christmas tree in the center. It even has a light show in the evenings to entertain spectators as they go about their shopping in the market.

Strasbourg Christmas market tree

This market is also known for having many volunteer organization booths.

Also, at the L’Aubette building on Place Kleber, you can find the Christmas Flea Market earlier in the holiday season and the OZ Christmas Crafts Fair later in the season.

Place Broglie Christkindelsmärik

Place Broglie

Christkindelsmarik in Strasbourg

Located in front of the Hotel de Ville (City Hall), this lovely market has gorgeous stands selling local art, tasty treats, and more. It is known as the Christ Child Market (or Christkindelsmarik) and has been around since 1871.

As a bonus, there is a giant animated light projection onto the City Hall in the evenings with snowflakes and more. This market has the gorgeous Christkindelsmarik sign all lit up too.

Plus, the Christkindelsmarik also has Christmas market mugs!

Place de la Cathedrale de Strasbourg

Place de la Cathedrale

Lovely Strasbourg Christmas Market

This market is definitely easy to spot, as it is the Strasbourg Christmas market located next to Notre Dame de Strasbourg.

The towering cathedral rises above the market, and you’ll spot dozens of stands selling several food products including pain d’epices, as well as local wine and beer.

You can also find things like nativity scenes for sale, paper stars, and other lovely crafts.

Pain d'epices - Alsace Christmas Markets

Plus, at night, you’ll love seeing the cathedral all lit up! And if you have the time, definitely go inside the cathedral to spot the incredible nativity scene as well as the astronomical clock.

This market is also known for having Christmas market mugs! So be on the lookout for a mug at one of the stands selling vin chaud.

Place du Chateau Strasbourg Christmas Market

Place du Chateau

Vin Chaud Rouge et Blanc in Strasbourg

On the other side of the Strasbourg Cathedral, you’ll find another market here with several stalls. This is also the place where you can find the small tourist train.

So if you don’t feel like walking all over, take the little train- it is also a fun activity for the kids!

Christmas train in Strasbourg

Terrasse Rohan- Marche des Delices d’Alsace

Palais Rohan

Wine tasting in the Alsace

This former royal home is now home to the Fine Arts Museum, Decorative Arts Museum, and Archeological Museum. And during the Christmas market season in Strasbourg, the exterior is home to the Christmas market known for its Alsatian delicacies.

This is the place to enjoy all kinds of Alsation treats from bredele, beer, pain d’epices, Alsatian wine, and more!

Place du Marche-Aux-Poissons

Place du Marche-Aux-Poissons

Bredele at the Alsace Christmas Markets

Located beside the Terrasse Rohan market, this smaller market also sells local treats like pates, beers from local breweries, cookies, honey, and vin chaud.

Plus, on Wednesday afternoons during the season, there is a cooking and tasting workshop for children here.

Place du Temple Neuf

Place du Temple Neuf

Christmas decorations at the Alsace Christmas Markets

This smaller market has less than 20 stands selling candies, Christmas decorations, spices, teas, charcuterie, and foie gras.

You could almost overlook this market, as it is centrally located near the Cathedral Christmas Market, Place Kleber Market, and Place Broglie Christkindlemarik, but it is worth a stop for some tasty treats.

Rue Gutenberg Christmas Market

Place Gutenberg

Merci Tree Strasbourg

Another almost blink-and-miss-it market is the market at Place Gutenberg. Here you can find a few little booths selling trinkets as well as food and drinks.

This is also where you’ll find the tree with “Merci” lit up in white as the remainder of the tree is all blue. Next to it is where you can leave a letter to Santa in the mailbox.

Place Saint-Thomas Christmas Market in Strasbourg

Place Saint-Thomas

Strasbourg Christmas market treats

This charming little market is on the way to Petit France and is underneath trees and twinkle lights.

Here you can enjoy mostly food and beverages, with bredeles, pretzels, pain d’epices loaves, foie gras, and local beers and wines available for purchase.

Smaller Strasbourg Christmas market at night

Place Benjamin Zix

Place Benjamin Zix

Nutcrackers at the Strasbourg Christmas Market

Located along the canals, this little market has a handful of stands selling some lovely holiday decorations, wine, tea, jewelry, and other handcrafted goods.

With only about 11 stands, it is a cute little market to stop in as you are exploring Petite France.

Village d’Advent

Louise Weiss & Suzanne Lacore Squares

Evening in Strasbourg at the Christmas markets

Located in the heart of Petite France in Strasbourg, you’ll love this market. For starters, the views between the advent decor, chalet booths, covered bridges, and canals are stunning.

And they take weeks to prepare this magical atmosphere here. Throughout the season, this market also hosts workshops for kids as well as shows.

The Village d’Advent mostly sells local food products including candies, chocolate, pates, jams, and more!

This market also extends past Christmas with the After Christmas Village. The event goes on from December 26-January 1 from 11 am-8 pm.

Marche OFF at Place Grimmeissen

Place Grimmeissen

Last, but not least, is the Strasbourg Christmas market which brings together 30+ local businesses in a unique setting. This is where you can exchange, recycle, and search for antiques and create a more authentic and sustainable Christmas.

There are also concerts, shows, workshops, and more here in regards to the environment, home-crafting, and more!

Wooden Christmas decorations in Strasbourg

Best Strasbourg Christmas Market

Handcrafted items at the Kaysersberg Christmas Market

With a dozen Strasbourg advent markets to choose from, it is hard to really determine the best one. I for one loved the Cathedral Christmas Market, especially as it has several booths selling all kinds of delicious foods and drinks as well as quality crafts.

It is also stunning both during the day and in the evening with the cathedral towering over the market.

But the most scenic market has to be the Village d’Advent. This market has twinkling lights overhead, lit-up buildings, and the cutest stands. It is also less crowded than the bigger markets in the city.

Strasbourg Christmas Market Location Map

Strasbourg Christmas Market Map

For the interactive version of this map, click here!

What to Eat at the Strasbourg Christmas Market

Stollen at the Strasbourg Christmas Market - Best Alsace Christmas Markets

There is a lot to try when you’re in the Alsace. The food here is both French and German in nature. But here is what you’ll want to try at the Strasbourg Christmas markets.

Pain d’Epices: This is very typical Alsatian holiday food. Pain d’epices is bread with spices including ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, and more. It literally is gingerbread. These loaves can vary in size and also have things like nuts, dried fruits, etc. in them. They also make these in cookie-form too with fun phrases written in icing on them.

Foie Gras & Pate: This sounds super fancy, but yes, you can purchase jars of foie gras as well as various kinds of pate at the Christmas markets in Strasbourg. You can also sample them at the markets!

Pate at the Obernai Christmas Market

Jams/Honey: There are a lot of locally made jams, honey, etc. to try too!

Bredele: These are lovely little spiced cookies that you can find plain or iced. You’ll definitely want to get some of these to take home.

Kugelhofps: This is a yeasted cake that is round and looks kind of like a bundt cake. It can be dusted with powdered sugar and be plain or have nuts or fruit inside.

Candy: There are several booths selling chocolates, candies, and more sweets to try.

Tarte Flambee (Flammekeuche): This is a thin-crust dough that is topped with either creme fraiche or cheese. It can include onions, lardons, and other delicious things on top.

Bretzels: These pretzels are all over the place so if you’re hungry, definitely give it a try!

Manelle: These are adorable people-shaped brioche buns.

What to Drink at the Strasbourg Christmas Market

Beer at the Strasbourg Christmas Market

There is way more to drink than just mulled wine here!

Local Craft Beer: While most of France isn’t exactly known for its craft breweries, Strasbourg and the Alsace area is full of them! You’ll spot brewery booths at the markets selling bottles of beer, and you can taste some as well as purchase some to drink or take home.

Local Wine: There are a lot of booths from wineries selling their own lovely Alsatian wines. Enjoy anything from a sparkling Alsatian Cremant to a nice Reisling.

Vin Chaud: AKA mulled wine, you’ll find this spiced hot wine all over the place. In Strasbourg, and around the Alsace, you’ll be able to find it in both red and white.

Other Hot Spiced Drinks: They don’t just sell mulled wine here. You can also find things like hot orange juice among other delicious fruit juices that are mulled with spices.

Chocolat Chaud: Who doesn’t love a thick and creamy cup of hot chocolate on a chilly Alsatian day?

Other Things to Do During Your Strasbourg Christmas Market Trip

Walking along the canal in Petite France

Planning to spend some time in Strasbourg during your Christmas market getaway? I have a whole guide on how to spend 5 days in the Alsace visiting the markets. Aside from that, here are other things to do in and around Strasbourg.

Explore Petite France

This canal-filled area is a must-visit during any trip to Strasbourg. Walk around to admire the canals, the half-timbered homes, and the Ponts Couverts, and learn more about its Medieval tanning past at the Maison des Tanneurs.

Barrage Vauban

Beautiful Petite France in Strasbourg

This is a covered bridge with sculptures inside and a viewing deck on top. This offers some of the best views of the area, and I highly recommend going to the viewing deck.

Go Inside of the Notre Dame de Strasbourg

I mentioned this earlier, but it is a lot of fun to go inside the Strasbourg Cathedral. It is a stunning church with origins dating back to 1015.

This is where you’ll find the astronomical clock, and during the holiday season, there is a giant nativity display.

Nativity scene at the Strasbourg Cathedral

Palais Rohan

As I’ve mentioned before, the interior of this building houses the Archeology Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts, and the Museum of Decorative Arts. You could certainly spend the better part of a day exploring the museums in this palace.

Alsace Museum

Located in 3 former homes, this museum is full of artifacts from the daily life of Alsatians during the 18th and 19th centuries. Enjoy displays with toys, costumes, tools, and more that were used during that time.

Orangerie Park

This lovely park is a great place to go on a long walk, enjoy a picnic, and even admire the lake and waterfall.

Cave Historique des Hospices de Strasbourg

What was once the historic cellar of the Strasbourg Hospital is now open for you to go on a tour, learn about its history, and even try some wine.

Visit the European Parliament in Strasbourg

Yes, the European Parliament is located in Strasbourg and you can even visit during a plenary session to see it in action! You can also just visit to learn more by taking a tour via a multimedia guide.

Take a Wine Tour

Drinking Cremant Gustave Lorentz

The Alsace is known for some delightful wines including Reisling, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Blanc, as well as sparkling wine known as Cremant.

So why not take the opportunity to go on a Wine Route day trip where you’ll see lovely villages around the Alsace as well as try locally made wines?

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Visit Other Towns for the Christmas Markets

Mulled wine at the Obernai Christmas Market

Want to explore more of the Alsatian Christmas Markets? Then, you’re in luck! You can easily hop on the train to Colmar to see its markets or even the smaller town of Obernai.

We ended up visiting Colmar for a couple of days after Strasbourg, and I highly recommend doing this. However, after spending some time in Strasbourg, we really enjoyed going to Obernai to see the smaller Christmas markets here without the crowds.

We loved Obernai so much that it turned out to be our favorite Christmas market in the Alsace!

Where to Stay in Strasbourg During the Christmas Markets

Overhead twinkling lights in Strasbourg

Here are some great hotels to check out during your time at the Strasbourg Christmas Market.

Budget: Hotel Beaucour

Outside of the city center and near the Alsatian Museum, this hotel has a lovely courtyard and cute rooms.

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Mid-Range: Hannong Hotel & Wine Bar

This is where I stayed during my recent visit and it is within walking distance to most of the major attractions in the city as well as all of the Christmas markets. It is also on a lovely street that has stunning light displays during the holiday season.

It also has a lovely wine bar for a relaxing evening.

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Luxury: Maison Rouges Strasbourg Hotel & Spa

Located in the heart of the city, you’re only a few steps away from the Place Kleber Christmas Market. Plus, this hotel has a spa, bar, and restaurant, to wind down and enjoy after visiting all of the markets. In addition, some rooms even have cathedral views.

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Getting to Strasbourg & Getting Around

Kat standing in front of a decorated building in Strasbourg

Getting to Strasbourg is easy thanks to both its nearby airport and train station.

If you’re coming from within Europe, you can find flights to Strasbourg on RyanAir, Lufthansa, Air France, and more.

However, most people tend to take the train to Strasbourg from Paris or Frankfurt. So you can fly into Paris, and it is only a 1 hour and 45-minute journey to Strasbourg. If you’re coming from Frankfurt, it is about 2.5 hours via train with a change during the journey.

Either way, if you’re flying here, check Skyscanner for great flight prices. For train times, check out Trainline.

Once you’re in the historic city center (or Central Island) of Strasbourg, it is a pretty walkable place. So you can just walk around to all of the markets during your time there.

If you need to get outside of the historic center, you can use their buses and trams. The trams are pretty widely used around the city and cost only €1,70 for a ride (if you use the app) or €4,60 for a 24-hour pass.

And for visiting other towns, you can either use the train for places like Colmar or Obernai or rent a car to explore smaller villages.

Best Time to Visit the Strasbourg Christmas Market 2023

Bright booth at the Strasbourg Christmas Market

While you’ll definitely have to visit during the Christmas market dates, there are better times than others to avoid crowds.

I recommend coming earlier in the season and during the week for fewer crowds. The weekends tend to bring in a lot of visitors and the closer you get to Christmas the more packed it will be.

Also, while I highly recommend checking out the markets at night, it is certainly less crowded during the day.

We ended up visiting in late November last year and mid-week and didn’t have any issues with the crowds. However, I’ve heard people complaining about how packed it is on the weekends.

Other Tips For the Strasbourg Christmas Markets

Wine booth at the Alsace Christmas Markets

Here are some other tips before you visit the Strasbourg Noel Markets.

Parking: There are actually no cars allowed in the city center/central island from 11 am-8 pm during the Christmas markets. If you’re staying at a hotel in this area, you can access their private parking lot if you have a parking certificate issued by the hotel.

There are 10 parking lots you can park in outside of the city center and take the tram in. These park-and-ride lots are open 24/7. Here is a list of the park-and-ride lots.

What to Wear: Warm clothes, obviously! But in all seriousness, definitely pack things like gloves, a hat or earmuffs, a scarf, warm socks, and water-resistant boots. Pair that with a warm jacket (like this one from The North Face), jeans, and a sweater and you’ll be good to go! It definitely is chilly during the holiday season in the Alsace.

Wine tasting at the Colmar Christmas Market

Learn a Little French: While you can find people speaking English in Strasbourg, it is super helpful to also speak French. I have a whole guide on the most useful phrases to know here!

Be sure to visit more Christmas markets in the Alsace! I loved the Colmar Christmas markets as well as the markets in Obernai, Kaysersberg, Ribeauville, and Riquewihr.

This is the ultimate guide to the Strasbourg Christmas markets including dates, where to stay, things to do in and around the city, best markets, and more! Would you like to visit the Strasbourg, France Christmas market?

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