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My Story

Hello! My name is Kat, an American currently living in Cleveland, Ohio. So why, you may ask, do I have a blog solely dedicated to France? Here is my story…

It was during my junior year of college (that means my 3rd year at university for my non-American friends here!) in 2012 that I hopped on my first plane ride ever. The destination? Paris, France.

Then I took what felt like a long train ride down to a city called Grenoble. I stayed there for 5 months studying at Grenoble Ecole de Management and traveling during breaks and weekends.

Kat at the Grenoble Bastille
Little baby me with friends I met during my time in Grenoble.

It was here that I hilariously learned to ski (another story for another time, friends), ate my weight in cheese, pastries, and bread, and fell in love. No, not with a person, but a place. I didn’t realize one could do that prior to being here.

Kat in her skis at the top of a mountain
Learning to ski!

Like any new love affair, it started out in the honeymoon phase. I loved everything about my new home. I loved visiting Paris when I could and wandering the streets. I loved having my own favorite boulangerie and grocery store. I even loved that eating chocolate bread was completely normal for breakfast.

Then, things took quite a turn as the honeymoon phase wore off a couple of months in, and I felt annoyed. Trying to open a French checking account and getting my checkbook from the bank was dang near impossible because of, well… bureaucracy.

I cried while trying to communicate something important using my terribly broken French and the employee had no idea what I was talking about.

And dang it, all I wanted was a good burrito or chips and guacamole and there were no good Tex Mex restaurants in sight!

I felt frustrated and homesick on many occasions for a solid month, but then, suddenly, I started to appreciate France.

Sure, some things I missed about home just weren’t a thing there, but France has its own really great stuff too! Some things just take longer, and maybe that’s because people have a far better work/life balance than we burnt-out Americans have.

Basically, my relationship with France came full circle and has become a love affair where, sure, we definitely have our ups and downs, but it will last a lifetime.

And so, after my 5 months in Grenoble, I was determined to get back to France as often as I could to travel to Paris and beyond. And traveled I have. I’ve visited France on many occasions since then, determined to see as much of this lovely country as I can.

So is this blog my excuse to travel back to France as much as possible? Partially, but mostly it is to take what I’ve learned over my collective time in France and help you fall in love with this incredible country too!

So why France Voyager and not just Paris?

Kat smiling at the camera in front of Palais de l'isle in Annecy
Me exploring one of my fave French cities: Annecy.

Look y’all, I love Paris. It is easily my favorite city in the world, and I could never get bored of it. I jive with it, and that’s all there is to it.

However, while Paris is incredible, there is SO much more to France than Paris.

Seriously! There are the beaches of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, the charming mountain towns around the Alps and Pyrenees, incredible wine regions from Champagne to Bordeaux, and so much more!

France may be small, but it is mighty with its diverse landscapes, adorable towns, great food, and incredible cultures.

So I hope to encourage you to get out there and see as much of this country as possible!

What do I do when not working on France Voyager?

Kat and Chris kissing at Stowe Pinnacle in Vermont
Chris and I in Vermont.

I’m a full-time travel blogger over at my couple’s travel blog called World Wide Honeymoon. I also co-host a podcast of the same name with my husband, Chris!

We love traveling the world together and sharing stories about how to plan the perfect romantic getaway. So if you’re searching for couple’s travel, we’ve got all those tips over on that website and podcast!

Outside of work, I love running, baking, planning trips for years in the future that I don’t even know if I’ll take, and taking far too many photos of my adorable cat, Professor.

I mean… look how cute he is!

Thanks for reading all of that! Now I’d love to get to know you! Follow along on social or reach out at [email protected]!

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