Ultimate One Day in Strasbourg Itinerary: What to do in Strasbourg in Just a Day

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Only have one day in Strasbourg during a trip to France? No worries! I’m here to show you what to do in Strasbourg in just a day! 

Strasbourg, located along the Rhine River, borders Germany on the eastern part of France. It is the capital city of the Grand Est Region and is well known as being one of the must-visit cities in the Alsace. 

I was lucky enough to spend 1 day in Strasbourg sightseeing during my recent visit to the Alsace for the Christmas markets. While this city certainly has a lot to see and do, I’m going to share how to best spend 24 hours in Strasbourg. 

Strasbourg France Things to do

What to do in Strasbourg For One Day

From Petite-France to where to get tasty Alsatian food, here is how to spend your one-day trip to Strasbourg! 

1. Breakfast at L’Atelier 116

116 Grand’Rue, 67000 Strasbourg

Strasbourg in a day

Start off your morning with a stop at L’Atelier 116. This isn’t fancy by any means, in fact, it is a normal little cafe, but you’ll love a quick breakfast here. 

For starters, they have some fantastic bread. So if you just want a delicious baguette or boule, this is the place. Aside from that, they have some Alsatian specialties like bretzels, kougelhopf, etc. as well as French famous pastries like eclairs, tartes, and more. 

They also have a cozy spot to sit for your breakfast. 

Grab a pastry or some bread and a cafe au lait to kick off your Strasbourg one-day itinerary! 

They are open daily from 7 am-7 pm, except on Sunday, when they open at 8 am. 

2. Explore Petite-France During Your Strasbourg in 1 Day Trip

Beautiful Petite France in Strasbourg

Petite-France may be one of the most iconic spots to visit in Strasbourg. Located in the historic part of the city, when you think of visiting Strasbourg, these are likely the photos that come to mind.

This area is known for its delightful canals and half-timbered houses. It truly feels like a fairytale to walk around. It was formerly known as the “Tanner’s Quarter,” and you can see some remnants of its Medieval tanning past at the Maison des Tanneurs

There are a lot of Strasbourg attractions also in this area, so it is well worth a stop during your time here. 

One of the things you’re going to want to visit is the Barrage Vauban, a lovely covered bridge with sculptures inside and a viewing deck on top. It gives some of the best views of the Petite-France area. 

You’ll also have great views of the Ponts Couverts, which are a set of bridges and towers that were built in the 13th century. After seeing them from the Barrage Vauban, head over to walk along the bridges and canals in the area. 

I also think Louise-Weiss Square is worth a stop as well. Located on the canals, it is a green space with pretty views. But, most importantly, during the holiday season, this place has a charming Christmas market! 

Colorful Strasbourg buildings in Petite France

3. Lunch at Brasserie de la Lanterne

5 Rue de la Lanterne, 67000 Strasbourg

While wine is obviously quite popular in France, did you know that the Alsace region also makes some really good beer? 

So, while you’re in Strasbourg, why not check out a brewery for lunch? 

Try some classic Alsatian dishes for lunch like tarte flambee in a variety of flavors and pair it with one of many of their beers on tap for a nice, relaxing mid-day meal. 

They are open on Tuesday-Saturday from 11 am-1:30 am and on Sunday and Monday from 4 pm-1:30 am. 

Strasbourg at night

4. Alsatian Museum 

23-25 Quai Saint-Nicolas, 67000 Strasbourg

After lunch, take a stroll across the River Ill to the Alsatian Museum. Discover the history and culture of the Alsace through art, folklore, and other displays in this museum. They even have various special exhibits throughout the year. You can also delight in the Alsatian architecture as this museum is in 16th and 17th-century homes. 

It is also a budget-friendly thing to do in Strasbourg, as it costs €7.50 to enter. The museum is open Friday-Monday and Wednesday from 10 am-1 pm and 2-6 pm. 

Wine tasting at Achille Winery

5. Cave Historique des Hospices de Strasbourg

1 Pl. de l’Hôpital, 67000 Strasbourg

Okay, you’ve sampled some great Alsatian local beer, so why not try some local wine? 

This place has been around since 1395, where it was used to store wine and grains over the years. It had almost been completely abandoned after a while, until the mid-1990s when it was revamped and it is now used to store local winemakers’ wines. 

It also is known for having the oldest wine in barrels in the world with historic casks dating back to 1472 with wine still in them. 

You can visit this place for free and just pay €3 for an audio guide. And you can do a wine tasting afterward. 

It is open on Monday-Friday from 8:30 am-12 pm and 1:30-5:30 pm and Saturday from 9 am-12:30 pm. 

Best Things to see in Strasbourg

6. Palais Rohan

2 Pl. du Château, 67000 Strasbourg

Formerly a palace for the prince-bishops and cardinals of the House of Rohan, this gorgeous place is now home to 3 museums in Strasbourg: the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Decorative Arts, and the Fine Arts Museum.

While you could certainly visit any of these museums, if you’re running short on time, you can just admire the French Baroque architecture from the outside as well. 

If you only have time to visit Strasbourg in one day, I recommend only visiting one of these museums. As a fan of art, I prefer the Fine Arts Museum, but it really depends on your own interests. 

All of the museums in the Palais Rohan are open 10 am-1 pm and 2-6 pm. Check opening dates here. It costs €7.50 for a ticket to each museum. 

7. Cathedral Notre Dame de Strasbourg

 Pl. de la Cathédrale, 67000 Strasbourg

Strasbourg Cathedral Christmas Market

Aside from the famous Petite-France, this is another popular thing to see in Strasbourg in one day. This gothic cathedral dates back to the year 1015 when construction began. 

The exterior is very elaborate, and the interior is full of stunning stained glass windows and even a Renaissance astronomical clock that has a magnificent parade of apostles every day at 12:30 pm. 

The cathedral is also a great place to visit around the holidays because the exterior is home to a fantastic Christmas market full of artisan crafts and food. And the interior hosts a lovely nativity display! 

Strasbourg cathedral at night

8. Place Kleber

The last stop to visit during your Strasbourg itinerary has to be Place Kleber. This is the largest square in the city and has several shops and cafes to visit. 

It also has beautiful fountains in the center. Plus, it is known for its Christmas market during the holiday season. 

Strasbourg Christmas market tree

9. Dinner at La Fignette

5 Rue de la Vignette, 67000 Strasbourg

To wrap up your Strasbourg, France itinerary, you need to have a traditional Alsatian dinner. I know, you’ve likely had some traditional fare for breakfast and lunch, but if you only have a day in Strasbourg, you better make it count, right? 

Okay, so head to La Fignette for dinner (and make a reservation ahead of time!). Prepare for a hearty meal consisting of Alsatian fondue, spaetzel, tarte flambee, sauerkraut, and more. This is a great opportunity to really try a lot of different things between you and friends! 

They are open from 11:30 am-11:30 pm on Tuesday-Saturday. 

After dinner, it is time to wind down and head to bed. This wraps up your amazing visit to Strasbourg in one day! 

If You Have More Time in Strasbourg

Well in Obernai

Strasbourg is an incredible place to spend more than a day, and it can even be a great place to use as a jumping-off point to discover more of the Alsace region! 

For starters, you can book a full-day Alsace Wine Route tour where you try some of the best wines in the region like Reisling, Pinot Blanc, Cremant, and more. 

You can also do a tour of the charming villages and see how beautiful these smaller towns are. 

Or, you can even just take the train on your own and visit places like Obernai, Colmar, or Mulhouse to enjoy more of this area with fewer people. 

These towns all have great holiday markets too, which are well worth checking out that time of year! 

How to Get to Strasbourg and Get Around

Christmas in Strasbourg

Getting to Strasbourg is fairly easy, whether you’re visiting from Europe or not. Strasbourg does have a smaller airport that is serviced by a few airlines like Volotea, RyanAir, Lufthansa, and Air France. 

However, I’d say for most travelers, you’ll likely have to take the train in. If you live within an easy train distance to Strasbourg, then taking the train definitely makes sense. 

Or, for those coming from further away like the US, you can either fly into Paris or Frankfurt and then take a train to Strasbourg. 

I like checking for flights on Skyscanner and setting price alerts on that. From Paris, the train is about a 1 hour and 45 minutes direct journey to Strasbourg. From Frankfurt, it is a little over 2.5 hours away with a change during your journey. 

Once you’re in Strasbourg, it is a pretty walkable city, especially if you’re in the historic center.

However, they also have good public transportation with their buses and trams. The trams are pretty widely used around the city and cost only €1,70 for a ride (if you use the app) or €4.60 for a 24-hour pass. 

And, if you want to explore on your own outside of the city, then renting a car is best. While you can certainly get to some places on the train like Colmar or Obernai, if you want to visit smaller towns, definitely opt to rent a car

Where to Stay in Strasbourg

Strasbourg at night decor

Strasbourg has some lovely hotels throughout the city, so here are a few choices based on your budget.

Budget: Hotel Beaucour

Located just outside of the city center near the Alsatian Museum, this charming hotel reflects the ambiance of the Alsace with its stunning architecture, lovely courtyard, and adorable rooms. 

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Mid-Range: Hannong Hotel & Wine Bar

Located in the perfect place for exploring, you’re within minutes of all the major attractions in the city. Plus, it is situated on a lovely street that is very beautiful during the holidays. On top of that, this place offers a great breakfast buffet, a delightful wine bar, and comfortable rooms. 

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Luxury: Maison Rouge Strasbourg Hotel & Spa

Also situated in the heart of the city, this is just a few steps away from Place Kleber. This luxury hotel has all the amenities you’ll love including a spa, bar and restaurant to wind down your day, and even some rooms have a view of the cathedral! 

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When to Spend One Day in Strasbourg

Vin Chaud stand at the Strasbourg Christmas Market

This definitely depends on why you’re planning to come to the Alsace region. Undoubtedly, Strasbourg is famous for its Christmas markets. Known as the “Capital of Christmas,” this city explodes with festive cheer from late November through Christmas Eve. 

I mean seriously, it is one of my favorite places to visit for the holidays in Europe! Similar to destinations like Colmar, Cologne or Vienna, Strasbourg has markets all over the city selling local delights, tasty wine, and beautiful crafts. 

So if you are visiting Strasbourg for the Christmas markets, definitely head here between late November through December 24. And if you want to not get caught in the crowds also arriving this time of year, be sure to visit earlier in the holiday season and during the weekdays.

That is what we did and I found it to not be that crowded at all! 

Also, the Easter season is a great time to visit as well, as there are towns nearby that have Easter markets! But the city is in full bloom and a beautiful time to go. 

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with a visit to Strasbourg during the spring through autumn months. The only time that may not be ideal is January through February when temperatures are chilly. 

This is the ultimate guide on how to spend one day in Strasbourg! Would you like to visit? 

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