21 Best Weekend Trips From Paris

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Searching for the best weekend trips from Paris?

Paris is a delightful city to explore, but sometimes it is nice to get away from the city and venture to other parts of the country (or continent!). Luckily, thanks to its central location in Europe, you can visit quite a few places as weekend getaways from Paris! 

For the ultimate change of pace from the City of Light, here are the best weekend breaks from Paris you’re going to love! 

Chateau de Chenonceau


21 Best Weekend Trips From Paris

So, long story short, here are the 21 best weekend getaways from Paris to explore!

  1. London, United Kingdom
  2. Brussels, Belgium
  3. Bruges, Belgium
  4. Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
  5. Heidelberg, Germany
  6. Zurich, Switzerland
  7. Loire Valley, France
  8. Reims, France
  9. Dijon, France
  10. Lyon, France
  11. Annecy, France
  12. Deauville, France
  13. Versailles, France
  14. Avignon, France
  15. Nice, France
  16. Marseille, France
  17. Bordeaux, France
  18. Colmar, France
  19. Nantes, France
  20. Mont-Saint-Michel, France
  21. Fontainebleau, France

Now that we know which cities you must visit on your overnight trips from Paris, let’s get into the details including how long it takes to get there, where to stay, when to visit, and more! 

1. London Trip From Paris- Best Weekend Trip From Paris For City Lovers

London England - Best Weekend Trip From Paris

Love cities and want a short break from Paris? Why not hop on the train and head to London for the weekend! 

London is full of iconic and historical sights, amazing cuisine, and many bars and pubs to enjoy. 

Luckily, it is only a 2.5-hour train ride away, meaning you could have croissants and a hot chocolate for breakfast and zip over to London for a pint and fish and chips for dinner. 

London Big Ben

Want to have a getaway to London? Here is what to do:

Honestly, there is so much to do whether you have a weekend or 4+ days in London! The options are truly endless. It is a great weekend getaway for those who really enjoy exploring the capitals of Europe! 

Travel Time By Train: 2.5 hours thanks to the Eurostar, and it departs from Gare du Nord.

Travel Time By Car: 6 hours or about 293 miles (472 km). Yes, you CAN drive to London from Paris, you’ll just need to drive through the Channel Tunnel. 

Where to Stay: Georgian House Hotel for chic Victorian charm (and Harry Potter rooms!) or the Ruby Lucy

When to Visit: Honestly, you could visit here year-round and have a great time! But April-June is a wonderful time to visit before the summertime crowds, and December is a lovely time for Christmas markets and New Year’s!

2. Brussels is a Perfect Weekend Away From Paris For Beer, Chocolate, and Waffles (Plus They Speak French Too!)

Brussels Belgium - Weekend Getaway From Paris

Want to keep speaking French? Then Brussels is a great place to hop over to on the outside of France! While in Belgium they tend to speak a mix of either Dutch, French, or German as official languages, in Brussels, French is predominantly spoken. 

So, this is a great weekend getaway for those keen on speaking French. Plus, you can’t turn down an opportunity to enjoy so much good beer, chocolate, waffles, and fries! Here are some things to do in Brussels!

Brussels in the evening

Things to do in Brussels:

  • Explore the Grand Place and Brussels City Museum
  • Visit the Iconic Manneken Pis statue
  • Eat all the waffles at Maison Dandoy and fries at Vitalgaufre and Fritland
  • Head to Cantillon Brewery or go on a beer tour of Brussels
  • Learn how to make chocolate during a chocolate-making class
  • Have a picnic in Brussels Park
  • Explore the Royal Palace of Brussels
  • Learn about the EU and European Parliament at Parlamentarium

The capital of the European Union is certainly well worth it for a weekend getaway near Paris!

Travel Time By Train: 1.5 hours and leaves from the Gare du Nord.

Travel Time By Car: 3.5-4.5 hours depending on traffic. It is about 194 miles (312 km) away. 

Where to Stay: Warwick Brussels 

When to Visit: September-November and April-May are great times to visit to avoid the crowds and have more mild weather!

3. Bruges Weekend Getaway From Paris is For Lovers

Bruges at night

Easily one of the most romantic getaways near Paris, Bruges is idyllic with its Medieval architecture, charming canals, and just overall fairytale vibes. 

If you want to step out of the busy streets of Paris and into a more dreamy escape, then Bruges is the place of your dreams! Here is how to spend time in Bruges

Bruges Christmas Market at Grote Markt

Things to do in Bruges: 

  • Visit Grote Markt and the Belfry of Bruges
  • Eat waffles at House of Waffles
  • Grab chocolate pralines at La Belgique Gourmande
  • Take a canal cruise
  • Visit Lovers Bridge
  • Admire the Church of Our Lady
  • Drink beer at Bourgogne de Flanders

Travel Time By Train: 2.5 hours and leaves from Gare du Nord. 

Travel Time By Car: 3-4 hours depending on traffic. The distance is about 185 miles (298 km).

Where to Stay: Hotel Academie

When to Visit: Honestly, this place is magical no matter the time of day, year, or weather. However, April-May and September-October bring in fewer crowds than the height of summer and have better weather than the winter. The holiday season is magical as well, though, for the Christmas markets! 

4. Luxembourg City is a Fabulous Weekend Break From Paris for a Melting Pot of Culture

Luxembourg City

This small country isn’t far from Paris at all, making it an easy short break from Paris to explore. 

Aside from that, Luxembourg City is known for being a cultural melting pot thanks to many immigrants coming to work there. This means there are ample cuisines, languages, museums, and more! 

Luxembourg City at dusk

Things to do in Luxembourg City: 

  • Explore the Grund, which is the lower part of the city and known for its beauty and nightlife
  • Visit the tunnels that make up Casemates du Bock
  • Drink wine from the Moselle River Valley 
  • Visit museums like the Museum Dräi Eechelen (for the history of Luxembourg’s old fortress) and the National Museum of History and Art 
  • Explore the Grand Duchal Palace
  • People watch in Place Guillaume II

Want to visit another country not too far from Paris, then Luxembourg is a great place to go! 

Travel Time By Train: 2 hours 12 minutes via Gare de l’Est. 

Travel Time By Car: 3.5-4 hours or 232 miles (373 km). 

Where to Stay: Sofitel Luxembourg Le Grand Ducal

When to Visit: May-September

5. Heidelberg is a Lovely Paris Weekend Trip to Explore Germany

Heidelberg with the Caslte on the hill

Heidelberg is a super charming German city not too far from the French border. This is one of the best weekend trips from Paris by car or train, especially for its delightful castle, and, during the holiday season, its iconic Christmas market! 


Things to do in Heidelberg:

  • Visit the Schloss Heidelberg, the castle that perches on the hill above the city
  • Walk along the Alte Brücke (Old Bridge)
  • Explore the charming Altstadt
  • Visit the Church of the Holy Spirit
  • Explore one of the oldest universities in Germany- Heidelberg University
  • Hike Philosopher’s Path, Thingstätte Heidelberg, and Michaelskloster Heiligenberg
  • Enjoy the Christmas market during the holiday season

Travel Time By Train: 3 hours 40 minutes via Gare de l’Est. 

Travel Time By Car: 5.5 hours or 337 miles (542 km). 

Where to Stay: Kulturbrauerei Heidelberg

When to Visit: Anytime is great, but late November until just before Christmas (around December 22) for the Christmas market is perfect! 

6. Zurich, Switzerland is a Must-Visit Short Break From Paris for its Architecture, History, and Nightlife

Zurich along the water

If you want a delightful mix of charming architecture, a stunning lake, and enticing history, then Zurich is one of the best weekend trips from Paris for you! 

Zurich is one of Switzerland’s top cities to visit, and as Switzerland borders France, you could easily enjoy the delights of this city on a weekend. 

Zurich - Best Weekend Trips From Paris

Things to do in Zurich:

  • Get out on Lake Zurich
  • Explore the Altstadt, or Old Town, and admire all that architecture
  • Indulge in chocolate, lots of Swiss chocolate
  • Visit famous churches like Grossmunster and Fraumunster
  • Hike to the top of Uetliberg for amazing views of the city! 
  • Hit up all the clubs and party all night
  • Take a tour of the city
  • Visit a few of the several art galleries and museums across the city

Travel Time By Train: Just over 4 hours via Gare de Lyon. 

Travel Time By Car: 7 hours or 370 miles (595 km). 

Where to Stay: citizenM Zürich

When to Visit: June-August for the chance to swim in Lake Zurich and for good temperatures. 

7. Loire Valley is the Ultimate Getaway For Castles and Wine

Chateau de Chambord | Best Weekend Trips From Paris

Lovers of Sancerre and famous French chateaux will absolutely adore a visit to the Loire Valley

With over 300 chateaux, including the chance to spend the night in one, this romantic weekend getaway near Paris is just the thing for you! 

Kat frolicking in front of Chateau de Chenonceau

Things to do in the Loire Valley:

  • Visit the best châteaux in the area including Château de Chambord, Château de Chenonceau, and Château de Chaumont-sur-Loire
  • Take a wine tour of the Loire Valley to try Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, and Cabernet Franc
  • Bike along the Loire à Vélo Cycle Path
  • Stay in a chateau

Travel Time By Train: About 2 hours from Paris to Amboise via Montparnasse Train Station. 

Travel Time By Car: About 2.5-3 hours, or about 140 miles (225 km). Driving is by far the easiest way to get to the Loire Valley. That way you can enjoy most of the chateaux without a tour.

Where to Stay: Château D’Artigny

When to Visit: April-October 

8. Reims is Where to Go For Champagne Lovers

Reims France

Aside from its unique history as being where almost all the French Kings in the last 1,000 years have been crowned, Reims is a great place to base yourself for exploring Champagne! 

Love bubbly? This is the place to go! 

Flowers in the foreground with vineyards in the background

Things to do in Reims:

Travel Time By Train: About 1 hour from Gare de l’Est.

Travel Time By Car: About 1.5 hours or 90 miles (145 km). 

Where to Stay: Continental Hotel

When to Visit: June-September

9. Dijon is a Food and Wine Lovers Weekend Getaway 

Notre Dame de Dijon - Best things to do in Dijon in a weekend

Dreaming of a foodie destination? What about a place known for its Pinot Noir and Chardonnay? Then a visit to Dijon is one of the best weekend getaways from Paris for you! 

Not only is Dijon known for its food (trust me, it’s more than its mustard!), but it is the capital of Burgundy, meaning you’re super close to some of the best vineyards in the world! 

Wine Cellar during a Burgundy wine tour

Things to do in Dijon:

  • Sample amazing Burgundian specialties including mustard, pain d’épices, boeuf bourguignon, crème de cassis, coq au vin, and tarte tatin. 
  • Explore Les Halles Market
  • Admire the art in the Ducal Palace & Musee Des Beaux Arts Dijon
  • Follow the owl plaques for a self-guided tour of Dijon
  • Head to Beaune and enjoy a wine and bike tour of Burgundy
  • Dine at lovely Michelin Guide restaurants without the high costs at L’Essential and Parapluie 

Travel Time By Train: About 1.5 hours from Paris Gare de Lyon.

Travel Time By Car: About 3.5 hours or 196 miles (315 km). 

Where to Stay: Hotel Oceania Le Jura Dijon

Best Time to Visit: The autumn months of September and October are a great time to visit for the harvest season!

10. Lyon is the Ultimate Food Destination in France

Best Things to do in Lyon

Yes, Dijon is an incredible place for food. BUT Lyon is known as the gastronomic capital of France! Meaning the food here is also extremely good. We’re talking about plenty of sausages, Lyonnaise potatoes, and even Bugnes for dessert. 

Ampitheatre Ruins in Lyon - Best Things to do in Lyon

Things to do in Lyon: 

  • Take a food tour, obviously
  • Learn about its silk-making past on an audio-guided tour of the Croix-Rousse and the Traboules
  • Visit Les Halles Market
  • Take in ancient history at the Gallo-Roman Museum of Lyon-Fourvière
  • Eat at one of 82 Michelin Guide restaurants in the city- yes there are so many great places to eat! 
  • Admire the Old Town of Lyon

Travel Time By Train: 2 hours via Gare de Lyon. 

Travel Time By Car: About 5 hours, or 289 miles (465 km). 

Where to Stay: Mercure Lyon Centre Beaux-Arts Hotel

When to Visit: April and October

11. Annecy is a Dreamy Weekend Getaway From Paris For Mountain Views

One Day in Annecy France - Annecy Itinerary

Exploring the “Venice of France” is always a dream, especially as you wind your way around the canals that lead to the most breathtaking lake: Lake Annecy. 

Aside from that, you’re near the Swiss border and the alps, meaning you’ll have plenty of hearty alpine food to enjoy. Annecy is truly a romantic place like no other, making it one of the best weekend trips from Paris! 

Sailboat on Lake Annecy

Things to do in Annecy: 

  • Get out on Lake Annecy via paddle boat
  • Grab things for a picnic lunch at the Old Town Market in Annecy
  • Visit the Palais de l’Ile in the middle of the Thiou Canal
  • Admire the old city and canals
  • Take a wine tour of the Savoie wine region nearby
  • Eat hearty alpine fare like tartiflette and fondue at L’Etage
  • Explore nearby cities and towns, like Grenoble!

Travel Time By Train: About 3.5 hours via Gare de Lyon. 

Travel Time By Car: About 6 hours or 348 miles (618 km). The train is by far the easier way to get here. 

Where to Stay: Atipik Hotel Alexandra

When to Visit: Mid-September-October and April-May are best to have good weather and fewer crowds, but even Annecy in winter is a delight! 

12. Deauville is a Beach Resort Town Getaway From Paris

Deauville France

Perfect sandy beaches, horse racing, gambling, and golfing are amazing things to do during a weekend trip from Paris to Deauville in Normandy. 

If you want a warm-weather escape from Paris’s often too hot and humid summertime atmosphere, check out Deauville! 

Casino in Deauville

Things to do in Deauville: 

  • Enjoy the golden sandy beaches
  • Gamble at the Casino Barrière de Deauville
  • Go sailing from the Deauville Yacht Club
  • Head to a horse race
  • Visit the D-Day Beaches
  • Go golfing
  • Take a day trip to discover the cider and food of the region
  • Visit nearby Honfleur for its old port

Travel Time By Train: 2.5 hours from Saint-Lazare. 

Travel Time By Car: 3 hours or 125 miles (201 km). 

Where to Stay: Villa Augeval Hotel & Spa

When to Visit: June through September is perfect for beach days! Bear in mind that it will be crowded in August.

13. Versailles is One of the Best Weekend Trips From Paris- Especially for the Chateau de Versailles!

Hall of Mirrors - Paris to Versailles Day Trip Itinerary

Why would one want to visit the town of Versailles? I mean, I’d say the biggest thing to see is obviously the Chateau de Versailles and the sprawling estate. 

And I’ll be honest, it could take you an entire weekend just to cover it all! The place is massive! However, the town of Versailles is charming in its own right, and very much worthy of your time. 

Fresh tomatoes and peppers

Things to do in Versailles: 

  • Visit the Château de Versailles including the Grand Trianon, Petit Trianon, Gardens of Versailles, and, of course, the palace itself
  • Snap photos of the famous Hall of Mirrors in the palace
  • Grab delicious food at the Marche Notre-Dame
  • Have a picnic lunch with food from the market at the Grand Canal of Versailles
  • If you’re short on time, take a day trip to Versailles from Paris

Travel Time By Train: 40 minutes via Austerlitz. 

Travel Time By Car: 1 hour or 19 miles (13 km). 

Where to Stay: Hôtel Le Louis Versailles Château – MGallery

When to Visit: April-May and October-November for mild weather and fewer people. 

14. Avignon is an Idyllic Weekend Escape From Paris For History and Lavender 

Avignon lavender fields - Most Beautiful Cities in France

When there is a chance to partake in history by visiting the old Pope’s Palace (did you know that the popes used to live in Avignon between 1309-1377?), sip wine at one of the best wine regions in the area, and admire lavender fields, you have to take it! 

Avignon offers all of this and more! 

Avignon France

Things to do in Avignon:

Travel Time By Train: About 3 hours from Gare de Lyon. 

Travel Time By Car: 7 hours or 429 miles (690 km). It is a better idea to take the train. 

Where to Stay: La Banasterie

When to Visit: April-May and September-October are great for avoiding crowds, but late June through July is a great time to visit the lavender fields. 

15. Nice a Lovely South of France Weekend Trip From Paris

Nice along the Mediterranean Sea - Most Beautiful Cities in France

With its charming market, beautiful beachside promenade, and its beaches, a visit to the south of France, especially Nice is one of the best weekend trips from Paris! 

Plus, it is a great place to base yourself for a day trip to Monaco or other villages nearby! 


Things to do in Nice:

  • Stroll along the Promenade des Anglais
  • Hike up to Parc de la Colline du Château for amazing views over Nice
  • Explore Marche aux fruits, légumes, et marée du cours saleya
  • Beach hop around Nice’s best beaches like La Reserve, Coco Beach, and Villefranche-sur-Mer (not technically in Nice but worth the visit!)
  • Take a day trip to Monaco or the hillside city of Eze
  • Eat all the Nicoise food including socca (a chickpea pancake), salade Nicoise, Pissaladière, Ratatouille, and more! 

Travel Time By Train: 5 hours 40 minutes from Paris Gare de Lyon. 

Travel Time By Car: 9 hours or 579 miles (932 km). It is a better idea to fly or take the train versus drive here. 

Where to Stay: Hotel Villa Rivoli

When to Visit: April-June and September-October. Really, any time is great, but shoulder season is great for beaches (on warmer days) without the crowds! 

16. Marseille is Perfect for Its Mild Winters and 300 Days of Sunshine a Year

Marseille France

Marseille is an idyllic place to visit in the south of France with its old port and its sunshine- making it one of the best weekend trips from Paris! 

You could easily enjoy this city year-round for its mild winter temperatures and gorgeous weather. But no matter when you visit, there are plenty of exciting things to do. 

Calanques National Park

Things to do in Marseille:

Travel Time By Train: About 3 hours 20 minutes from Gare de Lyon. 

Travel Time By Car: Around 8 hours or 481 miles (774 km). Again, it is best to probably take the train here. 

Where to Stay: Hotel La Residence Du Vieux Port

When to Visit: September-November is great for weather, but honestly, this is a year-round destination! 

17. Bordeaux is a Wine Lovers Dream of a Weekend Break From Paris 

Bordeaux prettiest towns in France

For one of the best weekend getaways in France, opt for the wine-lovers paradise of Bordeaux. 

The city itself is also extremely lovely with its Medieval architecture and River Garonne. But if you only have a weekend, this is a fabulous place to just sample all the best wines in the region! 

Vineyards in Bordeaux

Things to do in Bordeaux: 

Travel Time By Train: About 2 hours from Paris Montparnasse Station.

Travel Time By Car: About 6 hours or 363 miles (584 km). It is far easier to just take the train. 

Where to Stay: Hotel Cardinal

When to Visit: The harvest season in the fall is a lovely time to visit. However, April-June and October are great too! 

18. Colmar is a Holiday Wonderland Weekend Escape From Paris

Colmar Christmas Market - France Bucket List

Colmar, located in the Alsace Region of France, is incredibly charming from its canal in Petit Venise and half-timbered buildings to its idyllic Christmas markets. A visit to Colmar will feel like a slice of Germany right in France! 

Colmar in France

Things to do in Colmar:  

  • Wander the Petit Venise and canal
  • Enjoy the wine and towns along the Alsace Wine Route
  • Take a day trip to Strasbourg
  • Shop at the Covered Market
  • Visit the Christmas Markets or Easter Markets depending on the time of year

Travel Time By Train: 2 hours 20 minutes via Gare de l’Est. 

Travel Time By Car: 5.5 hours or 306 miles (492 km). 

Where to Stay: Hotel Turenne

When to Visit: You could truly visit here year-round and be charmed, but for Christmas markets, opt for late November-late December. For the Easter Markets, come around April. 

19. Nantes is Perfect for Lovers of Art, Culture, and Wine

cathédrale saint pierre et saint paul de nantes

Nantes is a university town but definitely is worth a visit for its many attractions. Plus, with its several museums, and delicious Muscadet wine, you will quickly fall in love with this short weekend break from Paris. 

Museum in Nantes

Things to do in Nantes: 

  • Visit the Château des Ducs de Bretagne
  • Explore Les Machines de l’Île, known for its bizarre animatronics, among many other very interactive things
  • Wander in Jardin des Plantes
  • Admire the Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul of Nantes
  • Visit museums like Musée de l’Imprimerie and learn about the history of the printing process, the Jules Verne Museum, and the Natural History Museum
  • Learn more about the dark history of Nantes, including about how it became wealthy by means of the slave trade, at Mémorial de l’Abolition de l’Esclavage, built to commemorate the abolishment of slavery. 
  • Enjoy all the seafood and Muscadet wine
  • Take a walking tour of Nantes

Travel Time By Train: 2 hours 15 minutes via Paris Montparnasse. 

Travel Time By Car: 4 hours or 239 miles (384 km). 

Where to Stay: Oceania Hôtel de France Nantes

When to Visit: May-September. 

20. Mont-Saint-Michel is a Dreamy Getaway From Paris

France Bucket List - Best Things to do in France - Mont Saint Michel during the daytime

Mont-Saint-Michel is certainly an iconic France bucket list item! With its towering abbey overlooking the tidal island, a visit to Mont-Saint-Michel easily makes for the most amazing weekend away from Paris. 

Enjoy this island and its wonder during a weekend trip! Note you can also do this as a day trip from Paris too! 

Mont Saint Michel lit up in the evening

Things to do on Mont-Saint-Michel:

  • Visit the Abbaye du Mont Saint-Michel as it is a stunning gothic marvel! Construction began in the 700s after Archbishop Aubert of Avranches saw the Archangel Michael in a vision 
  • Admire the Ramparts 
  • Walk along the Grand Rue
  • Take a guided walk across the bay during low tide to the island
  • Watch as it becomes an island during high tide

Travel Time By Train: About 4 hours from the Paris Montparnasse Station and includes bus time as you’ll need a bus to get there. 

Travel Time By Car: About 4 hours or 224 miles (360 km). It is actually a good idea to drive for the weekend. You can park a in lot 1.5 miles from the island and then take the free shuttle from Place des Navettes.

Where to Stay: Hôtel Le Relais du Roy is a great hotel close to the island.

When to Visit: March-May and September-October is perfect for better weather and to avoid crowds. 

21. Fontainebleau is Another Castle Lover’s Dream Without the Crowds! 

Fontainebleau - Best Weekend Getaways From Paris

Want to enjoy a palace without the crowds like at Versailles? Check out Fontainebleau Palace, known as the cradle of the French Renaissance, for one of the best weekend trips from Paris. 

And, as it isn’t nearly as well-known as Versailles, it isn’t as crowded. Which is a great place to visit to avoid the heavy crowds of many other chateaux around the country! 

Fontainebleau park

Things to do in Fontainebleau:

  • Explore the palace and its sprawling gardens and property
  • Wander in the Forest of Fontainebleau by hiking, biking, or scooting! 
  • Watch equestrian competitions at the Grand Parquet
  • Explore the Artist’s Trail

Travel Time By Train: 40 minutes via Gare de Lyon. 

Travel Time By Car: 1.5 hours or 43 miles (69 km). 

Where to Stay: L’Aigle Noir Hôtel Fontainebleau – MGallery

When to Visit: April-June and September-October. 

These are easily the best weekend trips from Paris! From the south of France to beautiful castles, which would you most like to visit? 

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