43 Best Hidden Gems in Paris to Inspire Your Visit

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Searching for the best hidden gems in Paris? 

Many visitors to the City of Light dream of wandering the halls of the Louvre or perhaps spotting the twinkling of the Eiffel Tower at night. To be sure, those are incredible things to do in Paris, but they are popular. Very popular.

Which translates into these places, and many more, being very crowded. So if you’re like me and enjoy finding more hidden things to do in Paris with fewer crowds and extra charm, then this list has you covered. 

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43 Best Hidden Gems in Paris

Whether you’re battling the craziness of Paris in the summertime when tourists flood the city or you just adore finding secret things to do in Paris, consider this list your ultimate guide. 

1. Marche des Enfants Rouges

39 Rue de Bretagne

Marche les Enfants Rouges in le Marais

Located in the foodie neighborhood of Le Marais, this covered market is quite the secret spot in Paris. Not only are there some great fresh produce and cheese stands in the market, but there are some fantastic eateries. 

This is definitely a place to hit up for lunch. But where should you get lunch here? Honestly, wherever you see a line of locals. Chez Alain Miam Miam is always a delicious spot with its giant sandwiches! 

I also enjoy the food at Chez Taeko if you’re craving Japanese food! 

2. Parc des Buttes-Chaumont

1 Rue Botzaris

43 Hidden Gems in Paris

This is definitely one of the best hidden gems in Paris for park lovers. First of all, this park is stunning with the lake in the center and the towering island in the middle of the lake. 

Second, there is a really cool temple, called Temple de la Sibylle, at the top of the island that is neat to see, and the views from the bridge are really cool. 

You’ll spot many locals running in the park here, or people chilling on the park benches. Either way, it is a great place for a picnic or just to wander around and enjoy the greenery in the midst of the city. 

3. Musée des Arts Forains

53 Av. des Terroirs de France

There are SO many famous museums and attractions in Paris to see, but there are also quite a few best kept secrets in Paris when it comes to museums

This is one of them. Known as the Museum of Fairground Arts, you can witness vintage rides, fair games, and decor from yesteryear. 

Just be sure to book a reservation ahead of time

4. Statue of Liberty

Pont de Grenelle

Fun fact: the iconic Statue of Liberty that is in New York City was actually a gift from France. So, it makes sense that there are actually quite a few replicas in Paris as well. 

The original is located on Ile aux Cygnes and faces New York. It is definitely one of the secret places in Paris many people don’t know about. 

5. La Grande Epicerie de Paris

38 Rue de Sèvre

Paris is obviously a foodie city, but for those who want to pick up some food souvenirs or just want to admire all the amazing French food products, this is the place to go

Find famous French salt, wine, pates, and more. This is definitely the place to go if you want to pick up some great French products. 

6. Rue des Rosiers in Le Marais

L'As du Fallafel

This street is located in the heart of one of my favorite neighborhoods in Paris: Le Marais. Not only is it a charming cobblestone street to wander down, but there is a lot going on here. 

For starters, it is home to the famous L’As du Fallafel, the most delicious falafel stand in Paris that always brings in a hungry crowd. But there are a lot of great Jewish restaurants and bakeries to check out here. 

And, there is some great shopping here, from vintage clothing to home goods and more! 

7. Musee Rodin is One of the Hidden Gems of Paris

77 Rue de Varenne

Rodin Museum in Paris exterior

Musee Rodin is such a hidden place in Paris. This museum has both an indoor and outdoor part, and it features works by the famous French sculptor Auguste Rodin. 

It feels like an oasis in the city, with the views from the museum overlooking the stunning garden. And the garden has delightful flowers and multiple sculptures, including the famous The Thinker

I also enjoy the ducks playing on the little pond here. 

If you enjoy beautiful and more peaceful museums than the Louvre, this is a great spot to check out. 

Book tickets here!

8. Grand Rex Cinema

1 Bd Poissonnière

Grand Rex Cinema Paris - Paris Hidden Gems

Who doesn’t love going to the cinema to catch the latest on film? Europe’s largest cinema is part movie theater and part concert hall. 

The theater has 2,800 seats and features the latest French films and those Hollywood blockbusters. 

And if you are a fan of escape rooms, they have one here too. You could definitely spend quite a bit of time enjoying all that the Grand Rex Cinema has to offer. 

9. Water Fountains of Paris

Water fountain in Paris

Located all over the city, there are these gorgeous decorative fountains full of free drinking water! 

No need to keep purchasing water in Paris. Just find one of these fountains and fill up! Plus, they’re very beautiful and can be found in pretty spots around the city. 

10. Musee de la Vie Romantique

16 Rue Chaptal

Museum of the Romantic Life in Paris - Romantic Things to do in Paris

At the foot of the Montmartre hill, you can find the Musee de la Vie Romantique, one of the hidden gems near Montmartre, Paris. 

The former home of Dutch artist Ary Scheffer, this museum is full of art from many of his house guests. 

This is one of the secret gems in Paris to visit, and while you’re there, definitely stop into the tea room for a fun date! 

11. Mur des Je t’aime

Square Jehan Rictus, Pl. des Abbesses

Kat and Chris kissing in front of the Love Wall in Paris

The Love Wall in Paris is one of the most romantic places to go! This blue mural is in Montmartre and has “I love you” written in over 250 languages! 

It is a lovely spot for couples to take photos or get engaged too. I honestly just enjoy sitting and watching people smile and share a smooch as they find this universal phrase in their language. 

12. Rue de l’Abreuvoir

Most beautiful street in Paris

This is known as one of the oldest, and most beautiful streets in Paris. Also located in Montmartre, this may not be quite as much of a hidden place in Paris, but it is still a must-visit nonetheless and far less crowded than the Sacre Couer area. 

13. Église de Saint Germain des Prés

3 Pl. Saint-Germain des Prés

There are several beautiful churches and cathedrals across Paris. Notre Dame is definitely the most famous but isn’t open to the public for the foreseeable future. So many have started swarming the enchanting Saint-Chapelle. 

Both are stunning places, but my favorite of the Paris secret places to visit when it comes to churches is Église de Saint Germain des Prés. This stunning church is across the street from Les Deux Magots in the Saint Germain des Pres area of Paris. 

The interior is stunning with gorgeous stained glass windows, frescoes, and even stars painted inside. And you don’t have to battle the crowds of people at other famous cathedrals in the city. 

I also love the little garden by the church! 

14. Paroisse Saint-Pierre de Montmartre

2 Rue du Mont-Cenis

Also on the list of famous churches in Paris is the Sacre Coeur. While this attracts many tourists, just around the corner from it is the smaller and lesser known Paris gem called Paroisse Saint-Pierre de Montmartre. 

This church dates back to the 12th century and is one of the oldest churches in Paris! This smaller church is a charming place to explore and you’ll see fewer people and no queues to visit. 

15. Montparnasse Tower Panoramic Observation Deck

33 Av. du Maine

View from Montparnasse Tower - Best Paris Hidden Gems

The Eiffel Tower is always a popular Paris attraction for visitors. But I stand by the belief that the best view of Paris has to include the Eiffel Tower in it. 

So the downside of going up the Eiffel Tower means that you don’t get that view! Yes, there are plenty of great places to get a good view of the city, including Arc de Triomphe or a cool rooftop bar. 

However, for one of the hidden gems in Paris, albeit increasing in popularity, opt for the Montparnasse Tower Panoramic Observation Deck. 

From here you can admire the City of Light in all its glory, with sights of the Eiffel Tower. 

Book tickets here!

16. Musee de Montmartre

12 Rue Cortot

Paris Date Ideas - Montmartre Museum

Close to Sacre Coeur in Montmartre, you’ll find one of the hidden places to visit in Paris: Musee de Montmartre

Montmartre was a famous neighborhood for artists, and this museum displays the works of many who lived and worked here. There is also a studio and apartment that was home to a few French painters. 

The museum shares a lot of great art as well as the history of the neighborhood, including its cabarets. 

And the gardens are beautiful to explore as well. The views from the gardens are stunning, and you can even spot the famous Montmartre Vineyard while here. 

17. Marché aux Puces de Paris Saint-Ouen

110 Rue des Rosiers

Kat exploring the Paris Flea Market

Known as the “Paris Flea Market” this place is absolutely incredible! Honestly, it is one of the best kept secrets in Paris, France. 

It’s located pretty far north of the city, but worth the trek to find incredible vintage pieces for your home. You can find furniture, gadgets, dishware, records, vintage postcards, and so much more. 

If you have the money and ability to bring these pieces home, it is a fabulous place to purchase decor. Even if you don’t, it feels like walking through an open-air museum as you pass street after street of hidden gem shops each with unique selections on offer. 

18. Musee de Vin

5 Sq. Charles Dickens

Wine lovers, you’ve come to the right place. For one of the best hidden places to visit in Paris, head to the Wine Museum. This place has tons of wine artifacts located in 15th-century wine cellars. 

The best part is you get to taste some delicious wine at the end! 

19. Check Out Paris’s Brewery Scene

Breweries are definitely on the list of Paris hidden attractions. Seeing as how France is a wine country through and through, with perhaps some cider thrown in from Brittany/Normandy, finding craft beer in Paris used to be quite hard. 

But these days, there are quite a few places you can go if you want to try out some craft beer. BAPBAP has quite a few beers ranging from IPAs to Pilsners. Brasserie la Goutte d’Or also has impressive craft brews, and even the famous Scottish BrewDog brewery has a location in Paris too. 

20. Canal Saint-Martin

Canal Saint Martin - Where to Stay in Paris

For a place a little less frequented by tourists and more popular with locals, head to Canal Saint-Martin. The canal is lovely, and there are several little bridges with great views. 

There are also several bars and restaurants in the area to check out, perfect for a night out with friends! 

21. Grande Mosquée de Paris

2bis Pl. du Puits de l’Ermite

Beautiful gardens at the Grand Mosque of Paris

The Grand Mosque of Paris is one of the largest mosques in France and is absolutely stunning. This mosque has prayer rooms, a lush garden, library, tea room, restaurant, and even a hammam!  

Oh, and you cannot forget to admire the architecture of this place. It is well worth visiting for all of the above! 

22. Nicolas Flamel House

49 Rue de Montmorency

Harry Potter fans, I know what you’re thinking. Is this the same Nicolas Flamel from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone? (Philosopher’s Stone for my non-American readers here). 

Yes, yes it is. He actually did exist in real life and was an “alchemist”. He built his house in Paris in 1407, and it is the oldest house in Paris. 

It is most certainly one of the more hidden places in Paris. 

23. La Defense is Certainly One of the Hidden Spots in Paris for Tourists

La Defense

Okay, I’ll be honest La Defense isn’t exactly a popular spot for tourists in Paris. It is known as the business district in Paris and is full of those tall modern buildings that you certainly won’t see much of in the rest of the city. 

However, there are some pretty cool things in La Defense that make it worth a stop too! The Grande Arche is a modern version of Arch de Triomphe and is dedicated to humanity. Oh, and you can get another cool view of Paris from the arch! 

There are also other modern artworks around La Defense, and a business district has to have pretty good lunch options, including food trucks! 

Combine that with a drink or two at Skyline Bar with gorgeous views of the city, and honestly, you’ll warm up to La Defense too. 

24. Musee National Picasso-Paris

5 Rue de Thorigny

Painting and sculpture by Picasso

There are a ton of great art museums in Paris, so for a more off-the-beaten-path one, check out the Picasso Museum. Admire his many works, learn about his life and art, and enjoy their rotating exhibits too! 

25. Musee Curie

1 Rue Pierre et Marie Curie

For a different kind of museum in Paris that is a hidden gem, check out the Curie Museum, where you will learn about the Curie family and their work in radioactivity. 

26. Prettiest Starbucks is One of the Hidden Gems of Paris

3 Bd des Capucines

I get it. Why on earth would you go to a Starbucks in Paris? Hear me out. This place is well regarded as one of the most beautiful Starbucks in the world! 

From the outside, this hidden gem looks like a regular old Starbucks. However, upon entering, you find yourself surrounded by stunning 19th-century murals and motifs. 

Not a bad place to grab a latte and get some work done! 

27. Visiting the Hammams of Paris is Always a Best Kept Secret

Ever need a spa day mid-vacation? Same. Paris is full of incredible Hammams all over the city, where you can relax, get a massage, and just recharge in beautiful architecture. 

Why are there so many hammams? Due to France’s former colonial presence in North Africa, and the large population of North Africans and their descendants in the city, these hammams grew increasingly popular and became part of the culture. 

Some popular ones to visit include Hammam Pacha, O’Kari, Yema, as well as many others. It really is one of the best kept secrets in Paris. 

28. Cour du Commerce Saint-Andre

La Jacobine

Paris has many passageways in the city, and this one is certainly unique. Part of it is a covered passageway with shops, and part is just this hidden tucked away alley with great bars and restaurants. 

It is home to Le Procope, one of Paris’s oldest restaurants, and my favorite restaurant in Paris: La Jacobine. This tiny little restaurant has some amazing French fare including the most delicious onion soup and duck. 

29. Musee National Gustave Moreau

14 Rue Catherine de La Rochefoucauld

Stairs at Gustave Moreau Museum

Dedicated to the art created by painter Gustave Moreau, this museum is definitely one of the unique places in Paris. 

What was once his house and workshop, you’ll learn about his life, inspiration, and more. 

30. Rue Cremieux

Rue Cremieux

This may not be quite as much of a Paris hidden gem as it once was thanks to Instagram, but it is still a lovely street to visit nonetheless. 

With cobblestone streets and colorful houses, a walk along Rue Cremieux will instantly charm you. Just be aware that this is a residential street, so please be respectful! 

31. Rue Mouffetard 

This road, located in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, is in one of Paris’s oldest neighborhoods. 

A bit off the track from the typical touristy spots in Paris, this is a popular street among locals thanks to the several shops, restaurants, and bars. For a fun night out, this is a great place to go. 

There is also a daily market where you can purchase lots of fresh produce and goods for a picnic. 

Overall, it is just a fun street to wander along both during the day and in the evening. 

32. Having a Drink Along the Seine is a Unique Thing to do in Paris

Boats on the Seine in the fall in Paris

Walking down along the Seine is always a fun thing to do during your Paris itinerary, but it is also a fun place to grab a drink during the warmer months as well! 

There are bars along the Seine where you’ll spot locals grabbing a drink after work or tourists in the know taking a break from the museums. 

33. Japanese Garden at Albert-Kahn Museum and Garden

2 Rue du Port, 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt

Just outside of Paris, this museum has many photographs and films collected by Albert Kahn. But the coolest part, and definitely one of Paris’s best kept secrets, is the Japanese Garden. 

Be transported to Japan in this lush landscape full of Japanese lanterns, sculptures, and many beautiful plants.

34. Chateau de Malmaison

 Av. du Château de la Malmaison, 92500 Rueil-Malmaison

We all know how popular it is to visit the Palace of Versailles. Of course, it is absolutely incredible and worth a day trip. However, it can be super busy and full of crowds.

Instead, for a smaller chateau, why not visit Chateau de Malmaison

This place, just outside of Paris, was most famously known as Josephine Bonaparte’s home, which was purchased for her by Napoleon Bonaparte. 

It had passed hands many times over the years before becoming a museum. Learn more about this historic castle and wander around with few other tourists in sight. 

35. Rue de l’Universite


Okay, this place is becoming increasingly popular over the years thanks to Instagram again, but for an iconic view of the Eiffel Tower, this is a great place to go! 

At the end of this street, you’ll find dazzling views of the Eiffel Tower, and it makes for a fantastic photo opportunity. 

36. Galerie Vivienne

5 Rue de la Banque

Paris Bucket List - Shopping in Paris

This gallery is also a historic monument and is easily one of the prettiest covered passageways in Paris. 

Located in the 2nd arrondissement, the tilework is magnificent and the glass roof lets in a ton of light. It is also a great place to go shopping with its many boutiques and shops. 

37. Musee Grevin

10 Bd Montmartre

If you’re searching for hidden gems in Paris and love the famous Madame Tussauds, then you’ll love Musee Grevin

This wax museum houses many famous figures including movie stars, fictional characters, athletes, and more. 

38. Parc Monceau

35 Bd de Courcelles

There are several gorgeous parks and gardens throughout Paris, making it feel less like a big city. But for another hidden gem Parisian park, head to Parc Monceau. 

This park was created in the English style with curved walkways, and randomly situated statues, and feels less formal than more French-style gardens. 

It also features smaller versions of architectural features including a windmill, Corinthian pillars, an Egyptian pyramid, and more. 

39. Montmartre Cemetery

20 Av. Rachel

Montmartre Cemetery

Lesser visited than the famous Pere-Lachaise Cemetery, this place is very beautiful and tranquil. There are also some historic figures buried here including Edgar Degas, Leon Foucault, and Alexander Dumas’s son. 

40. Medici Fountain is One of the Best Hidden Gems in Paris

Rue de Médicis

Fountain de Medici in Paris

Within the Jardin du Luxembourg, you can find one of the best hidden places in Paris: the Medici Fountain. 

This fountain was built on the grounds of Luxembourg Palace in the 1620s for Marie de’ Medici, widow of King Henry IV. It was built in the Italian Renaissance style due to her roots in Italy. 

It is a very beautiful sprawling fountain rooted in history. 

41. Paris Best Kept Secrets: Speakeasies 

Drinks at Castor Club in Paris - Paris in 3 Days

I mean the name says it all. Speakeasies are meant to be secretive. The ones in Paris are no exception. So for some of the best craft cocktails set in mood lighting with good music, head to one of Paris’s best speakeasies. 

One of my favorites is Castor Club, but some other popular speakeasies include Moonshiner, No Entry, and Lavomatic. 

42. Musee National Eugene Delacroix

6 Rue de Furstemberg

Eugene Delacroix Museum

The last art museum on this list of the best hidden gems of Paris is this one. This museum was the former home of painter Eugene Delacroix and is now a museum dedicated to his work and life. 

It also has a charming garden to enjoy after your visit. 

43. Paris Plages

Every summer, the city makes the Seine look a bit beachier with deck chairs, sand, umbrellas, and more. It’s great for the locals not leaving the city for their summer vacances. But it is a fun hidden gem in Paris for both tourists and locals alike to enjoy on a nice day. 

There are also games and some swimming pools for those hot days because you definitely don’t want to swim in the Seine! It is a fun thing to do in Paris between July through late August/early September depending on the year. 

From local spots to unique museums to visit in Paris, these are hands down the coolest hidden gems in Paris that’ll make you want to travel here now! 

Which is your favorite? 

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These are 43 of the best hidden gems of Paris | Paris Hidden Gems Things to do | Hidden Gems in Paris France | 40 Hidden Gems in Paris | Secret Things to do in Paris | Paris Best Kept Secrets | Unique Things to do in Paris | Must do Things in Paris | What to See in Paris | Paris Bucket List | Hidden Gems France | Hidden Gems in France
These are 43 of the best hidden gems of Paris | Paris Hidden Gems Things to do | Hidden Gems in Paris France | 40 Hidden Gems in Paris | Secret Things to do in Paris | Paris Best Kept Secrets | Unique Things to do in Paris | Must do Things in Paris | What to See in Paris | Paris Bucket List | Hidden Gems France | Hidden Gems in France
These are 43 of the best hidden gems of Paris | Paris Hidden Gems Things to do | Hidden Gems in Paris France | 40 Hidden Gems in Paris | Secret Things to do in Paris | Paris Best Kept Secrets | Unique Things to do in Paris | Must do Things in Paris | What to See in Paris | Paris Bucket List | Hidden Gems France | Hidden Gems in France
These are 43 of the best hidden gems of Paris | Paris Hidden Gems Things to do | Hidden Gems in Paris France | 40 Hidden Gems in Paris | Secret Things to do in Paris | Paris Best Kept Secrets | Unique Things to do in Paris | Must do Things in Paris | What to See in Paris | Paris Bucket List | Hidden Gems France | Hidden Gems in France
These are 43 of the best hidden gems of Paris | Paris Hidden Gems Things to do | Hidden Gems in Paris France | 40 Hidden Gems in Paris | Secret Things to do in Paris | Paris Best Kept Secrets | Unique Things to do in Paris | Must do Things in Paris | What to See in Paris | Paris Bucket List | Hidden Gems France | Hidden Gems in France
These are 43 of the best hidden gems of Paris | Paris Hidden Gems Things to do | Hidden Gems in Paris France | 40 Hidden Gems in Paris | Secret Things to do in Paris | Paris Best Kept Secrets | Unique Things to do in Paris | Must do Things in Paris | What to See in Paris | Paris Bucket List | Hidden Gems France | Hidden Gems in France

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