Ultimate 2 Day Itinerary For Paris (Including Where to Eat!)

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A 2 day itinerary for Paris may not seem like enough time, but I’m here to show you that it is doable! In fact, my very first visit to Paris was over a weekend! 

While, I wouldn’t recommend seeing Paris as I did back in 2012, as a whirlwind weekend of museums and monuments, I have, after many years and visits to the city, found a way to enjoy a 2 day itinerary of Paris with a great mixture of art, culture, cuisine, and fun. 

So that is exactly what I’m going to show you today! Enjoy an award-winning baguette while also admiring some of the best art in the world in just 2 days in Paris with this guide. 

Paris Date Ideas - Montmartre Museum

2 Days in Paris Plan

For a quick reference for your visit to Paris in 2 days, check out the itinerary below:

Day 1: Tourist Sites and Typical French Fare

  • Visit the Eiffel Tower first thing in the morning
  • Breakfast at Les Deux Magots
  • Explore the Musee de l’Orangerie for Monet
  • Lunch at Relais de l’Entrecote
  • Spot the Mona Lisa at the Louvre
  • Wander Luxembourg Gardens
  • Dinner at Bouillon Pigalle

Day 2: All About Food & Montmartre

  • Croissant at Maison d’Isabelle
  • Food tour of Le Marais
  • Explore Montmartre
  • Dinner at La Jacobine

Now, let’s get into the details on how to spend 2 days in Paris!

Fall along the Seine

Ultimate 2 Day Itinerary For Paris

From the Eiffel Tower to Montmartre, this is hands down how to visit Paris in 2 days. 

Day 1: Tourist Sites and Typical French Fare

I highly recommend getting in the night before so that you can really get the most out of your two days in Paris. 

So this morning, I highly recommend getting up early and heading to Paris’s most iconic site: the Eiffel Tower

If you go in the morning, you’ll have fewer crowds and plenty of space to enjoy the stunning marvel. Explore the Jardin de la Tour Eiffel without hoards of people in the morning hours. 

Kat spinning on Rue de l'universite in Paris with Eiffel Tower in the background

There are also ample places to take photos or just enjoy the views including: 

  • Rue de l’Universite
  • Place de la Varsovie
  • Champ de Mars
  • Quai Branly
  • Pont d’Iena
  • Trocadero

So wander around the Eiffel Tower for a bit and take it all in. 

PS- If you would like to go up the Eiffel Tower, be sure to book tickets ahead of time! However, this would alter your itinerary, as it will take some time. You’d likely need to skip breakfast and go straight to the next stop.


After that, it is time to wander over to Les Deux Magots for breakfast. You could take the metro and be there in 25 minutes or so, or you could take it slow and walk 40 minutes to Saint Germain des Pres. 

I love walking in Paris, as you’ll see a lot on the way. In this instance, you’ll have the chance to see the Pont Alexandre II, Les Invalides, and the Seine as you make your way over to Les Deux Magots. 

I always recommend having breakfast at least once at Les Deux Magots. While it was known for being a local haunt for Hemingway and Picasso for dinner and drinks, I recommend having breakfast here for one big reason: the ancient hot chocolate.

Entrance to Les Deux Magots

Paris knows hot chocolate, and they do it so well. I honestly think Les Deux Magots has the best one too. It is so thick and creamy, and perfect for splitting. So come here for breakfast, enjoy the hot chocolate, take in the history, enjoy the outdoor tablescape, have a bit of coffee which is also delicious, and have a scrumptious breakfast. 

Overhead shot of coffee, bread, and hot chocolate at Les Deux Magots

That’ll get you fueled up for your day of exploring! 

After that, wander across the Seine and through the Tuileries until you stop at Musee de l’Orangerie. This is hands down my favorite museum in Paris and one I visit almost every time. 

While other larger museums have a ton more art, this smaller museum is home to many Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings. So if you are here to see these famous works, Musee de l’Orangerie is where to go.

Plus, it is home to the famous and giant Monet Water Lily paintings! To see these works in person is utterly breathtaking. 

PS- Book tickets ahead of time here!

L'Orangerie Monet Exhibit

Louvre and Food

After getting your fill of art at Musee de l’Orangerie, wander along the Seine and back over to Saint Germain (it’s my favorite neighborhood, can’t you tell?) for lunch.

Now we all know that steak frites is a popular French dish. So why not visit a restaurant that serves just that? 

Relais de l’Entrecote is the place where you sit down, and are asked if you prefer your steak rare or medium-rare and that’s it. They’ll serve you a green salad, and some bread, and in a few minutes, they’ll bring you a juicy steak slathered in a green sauce with crispy fries. 

Steak Frites - 3 Days in Paris

Enjoy it with some bold red wine and when you finish…they’ll just top your plate with more. It’s such a good and filling lunch and a fun place for locals and tourists alike. 

But after you’ve had that experience, it is only a quick 10-minute walk across the river to France’s most famous museum: the Louvre

Kat sitting by the fountain at the Louvre in a wide angle shot

One quick thing about the Louvre: book tickets beforehand. Sure, I may be writing this in summer 2022 when travel is insane, but the line to the Louvre is always crazy. 

With timed entry skip-the-line tickets, you go through another entrance and get to enjoy it right away.  So 100% grab tickets ahead of time instead of wasting time in line. When you only have a 2 day itinerary of Paris, you can’t afford to waste time. 

Admire the many works in the Louvre, spanning from ancient antiquities to Renaissance masterpieces. Of course, the most famous painting is the Mona Lisa. 

It is a beautiful painting but be warned that there is a line to get up close and it is a fairly small portrait. It is gorgeous, but be prepared. 

Kat and Chris laughing at the Louvre

I honestly find that 2-3 hours or so is enough time to spend here. While you could spend a full day or more just in the Louvre, things do tend to blur together after a while and be overwhelming. Definitely see the highlights, explore the Renaissance pieces, and definitely check out the other art from around the world including ancient Egypt, the Americas, etc.! 

Once you’ve had your fill of the Louvre, it is time to wander a bit before dinner. One of the best things to do in Paris in 2 days is to visit a park. 

Jardin du Luxembourg is a fabulous and large park to explore. Admire the fountains, people watch as various locals are playing tennis or petanque, spot artists painting, and even find the mini Statue of Liberty. 

Statue in the middle of Jardin du Luxembourg

After you’ve explored the garden, it is time to wrap up your evening with dinner. And if you’re in Paris for only 2 days, why not get some typical French food at a great price: Bouillon Pigalle.

I suggest hopping on the metro for 20 minutes to get here, as it is quite a hike across the city, but I love this place. The food is great, and you can try famous dishes like boeuf bourguignon, onion soup, sausage, cheeses, and more. Even the wine is cheap! 

After that hearty meal, it is time for bed to prepare for another day in Paris! 

3 Days in Paris Itinerary

Information For Day 1 in Paris:

  • Eiffel Tower: Open daily 9 am-11:45 pm, and open from May 7-June 17, 2022 from 9:30 am-10:45 pm. Book your ticket here!
  • Les Deux Magots: Open daily from 7:30 am-1 am.
  • Musee de l’Orangerie: Open Wednesday-Monday from 9 am-6 pm. Book tickets here!
  • Relais de l’Entrecote: Open Monday-Friday from 12-2:30 pm and 6:45-11 pm. Weekends and holidays open from 12-3 pm and 6:45-11 pm.
  • Louvre: Open Wednesday-Monday from 9 am-6 pm. Book tickets here!
  • Bouillon Pigalle: Open daily from 12 pm-12 am.

Day 2: All About Food & Montmartre

Now that you’ve seen some big tourist sites during your first day, for the last day of your 2 days in Paris travel itinerary, it is all about food and the iconic neighborhood of Montmartre. 

4 Croissants on a white plate

So kick the day off by grabbing the best croissant at Maison d’Isabelle. This place has won 1st prize in 2018 for the best croissant. And it truly is magnificent. There will be a line outside and it will smell delicious a block away. 

Luckily, the line moves fast and it is worth the small wait. Grab a croissant but don’t fill up too much, as your next stop also involves eating. 

After savoring the best croissant, it is time to wander up to another lovely neighborhood in Paris: Le Marais. Enjoy a 30-minute walk to the meeting point for a food tour of this neighborhood. 

Oh, and aside from passing the Seine, you’ll spot Notre Dame on the walk! 

Notre Dame along the Seine

Le Marais is known as being a great foodie spot in Paris, with great Jewish and Israeli restaurants as well as great bakeries, vegan spots, and a market! 

This food tour of Le Marais will introduce you to some great flavors of the area including chocolates, cheeses, pastries, and more! This tour starts at 10:30 am and lasts for about 3-4 hours. 

It is a great way to enjoy this fun neighborhood and you’ll definitely be full! Book it here!

Le Marais in Paris - Paris Bucket List

After the tour, I highly recommend that you make your way to Montmartre. It is about a 30-minute metro ride up to this hilly neighborhood, and there is so much to explore here! 

For starters, you have the famous Sacre Coeur church with amazing views of the city from the steps. If you want to go inside you can, but there is also a smaller and way less crowded church dating back to the 12th century just around the corner called Paroisse Saint-Pierre de Montmartre

Sacre Coeur in Paris

From there, go check out the Love Wall, or Le Mur des Je t’aime, and spot “I love you” written in 250 languages. 

Some other cool spots to see in the neighborhood include the Montmartre Museum with exhibits on the history of Montmartre and is next to the Montmartre Vineyard, Montmartre Cemetery, Moulin Rouge, and the most beautiful street: Rue de l’Abreuvoir

Kat and Chris kissing in front of the Love Wall in Paris
Most beautiful street in Paris

There are also many adorable shops and cafes in Montmartre, so be sure to take your time. Perhaps pick up a souvenir! 

Once you’ve enjoyed some time here, it is time to head to dinner. I absolutely love La Jacobine for its incredible authentic French fare like onion soup and coq au vin. It is also in the most adorable alley. 

La Jacobine

Savor your last evening in Paris by enjoying this tiny restaurant. Make reservations, however, as it is a small place. 

And after that, you can either head to bed or perhaps head back to the Eiffel Tower for one last glimpse- and perhaps catch it during the light show! It is one of the most romantic things to do in Paris, and it happens for 5 minutes on the hour every hour from dusk until 1 am. 

That wraps up your ultimate Paris itinerary in 2 days! 

Eiffel Tower lit up at night

Information For Day 2 in Paris:

  • Maison d’Isabelle: Open Tuesday-Saturday 6 am-8 pm and on Sunday from 6 am-6 pm.
  • Sacre Coeur: Open daily from 6:30 am-10:30 pm. 
  • Paroisse Saint-Pierre de Montmartre: Open Tuesday-Friday and Sunday from 9 am-12 pm and 3-6 pm, and Saturday from 9 am-12 pm and 3-7 pm. 
  • Montmartre Museum: Open Wednesday-Monday from 10 am-6 pm.
  • La Jacobine: Open Tuesday-Sunday from 12-11 pm and on Monday from 6:30-11 pm.

If You Have More Than a Weekend in Paris: 

Canal Saint Martin in the late afternoon in Paris

If you have more time in Paris, definitely check out my 3-day itinerary and 4-day itinerary. And if you’ve got more time than that for your Paris plan, here are more ideas for the city: 

  • Visit many parks like Parc des Buttes-Chaumont or even the Bois de Vincennes
  • Visit other museums like Musee d’Orsay, Musee National Picasso-Paris, Musee de la Vie Romantique, Musee Gustave Moreau, and Musee des Arts Forains to name a few
  • Explore the lovely Canal Saint-Martin area
  • Take the time for a cruise along the Seine
  • Explore the Champs-Elysees and Arc de Triomphe

Also, if you have 4+ days in Paris, here are some great day trip ideas! I don’t recommend doing a day trip if you have less time than that, as Paris is full of things to do that you’ll need at least 2-3 days to cover. 

And if you have less than 2 days in Paris, I have a 1-day guide that’ll show you how to see the best of Paris in just 24 hours. 

Tips For Visiting Paris in 2 Days

Where to Stay in Paris - beautiful old street

Where to Stay in Paris:

I have a whole guide on where to stay in Paris based on your travel style! But, if you’re short on time, like this 2 days and 2 nights in Paris itinerary, it is a great option to stay close to the central part of the city. This guide has great information on where to stay for a first-timer and it’s centrally located. 

Getting to Paris and Around:

The main airport for Paris is Charles de Gaulle. This is likely the airport you’ll fly into if you’re coming from the US or another continent or if you’re flying a bigger commercial airline. The other airport, Paris-Orly, is mostly for discount airlines. 

For the best prices, check Skyscanner

From Charles de Gaulle, you can either take a taxi, Uber, bus, or train. From Orly, you can take a taxi or Uber, or you’ll need to catch the Orlyval metro to the Anthony Train Station. Then, from there, you’ll take either line RER B or RER C. There is also the Orlybus that goes from the airport to downtown.

There is also the option to take the train to Paris from many nearby cities or even countries. Eurostar will take you from downtown London to downtown Paris, and many French cities have direct trains to Paris. 

Once you’re here, it is pretty easy to get around thanks to the metro. You can buy individual tickets or a pack of tickets that’ll last your whole stay. If you plan to walk a lot, I’d just buy a few tickets, but if you plan to use the metro a lot, definitely get a pack. 

Paris is also a pretty walkable city! If you love walking, you can see most of the city on foot. But you can also rent bikes, and scooters, or use the metro or buses. Download the Paris Metro Map App for an interactive transport map. 

Flower market in Paris

Other Tips:

  • Check out this post for finding the best time to visit Paris
  • Always bring comfortable walking shoes. I love my Stan Smiths by Adidas, and for a full packing guide, check out this post
  • Be sure to attempt a little bit of French. At the very least, know how to say “Hello” (“Bonjour” if before 5 pm and “Bonsoir” if after 5 pm) and say this when you enter a shop. It is rude not to, and don’t expect much help from employees if you don’t say it.
  • Want to see a lot of Paris during your 2 days there? Get the Paris Pass

That wraps up the ultimate 2 days in Paris itinerary! I hope you enjoy the City of Lights in just a fast weekend jaunt! It truly is an incredible place to visit, and a place you’ll want to come back to time and again. 

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This is how to spend 2 days in Paris | Weekend in Paris | 2 Days in Paris Itinerary | Things to do in Paris 2 Days | What to See in Paris in 2 Days | Paris For 2 Days | What to do in Paris For 2 Days | Paris Weekend Trip | Paris 2 Days Itinerary | Paris Getaway | Paris Itinerary First Time | Paris Planning | Paris Trip 2 Days | Where to Stay in Paris for 2 Days | Two Days in Paris Itinerary | Paris Two Days
This is how to spend 2 days in Paris | Weekend in Paris | 2 Days in Paris Itinerary | Things to do in Paris 2 Days | What to See in Paris in 2 Days | Paris For 2 Days | What to do in Paris For 2 Days | Paris Weekend Trip | Paris 2 Days Itinerary | Paris Getaway | Paris Itinerary First Time | Paris Planning | Paris Trip 2 Days | Where to Stay in Paris for 2 Days | Two Days in Paris Itinerary | Paris Two Days
This is how to spend 2 days in Paris | Weekend in Paris | 2 Days in Paris Itinerary | Things to do in Paris 2 Days | What to See in Paris in 2 Days | Paris For 2 Days | What to do in Paris For 2 Days | Paris Weekend Trip | Paris 2 Days Itinerary | Paris Getaway | Paris Itinerary First Time | Paris Planning | Paris Trip 2 Days | Where to Stay in Paris for 2 Days | Two Days in Paris Itinerary | Paris Two Days

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